LED Lighting that Cuts Cost and Boosts Efficiency
Innovative Technology for LED Lighting Systems 6th Generation LED (Patent Pending)

Harmonics Recycling: G.D.I’s Lighting Systems are equipped with our unique power supply that converts Electrical Harmonics into usable energy and power for our LED lamps. Using recycled energy in this way results in less electricity consumption from the grid.


How it works:
Your appliances generate electricity/electrical noise called Harmonics. This is in effect a serious waste of electrical power. Harmonic noise can be harmful to your appliances. G.D.I Lighting systems capture and filter the harmonic noise, recycle it and inject it back to our LED lamp.

The harmonic noise generated by your appliances; (refrigerator, air-conditioner, electric fan, heater, oven, electrical motor), is converted by our system into a free source of energy. With our LED lamps installed, you can observe that when some of your appliances are switched on, your KW hr meter shows much less consumption than previously.